Web Design: WordPress – The Text Editor Toolbar

The guide explains the basic tools available to you in Wordpress whilst editing a post or page for your website.

This guide is about some of the main features available to use on the tool-bar whilst adding or editing a new page or post.

Whether your editing a post or a page for your site, you will always use the same toolbar shown in the screenshot below.


Anyone who has used word processing software on a PC will be familiar with many of the icons on the tool-bar and the functionality they provide.

These include left, right and center text alignment. Bold, italic and underlined text formatting options and then style changes such as font colour, size and the font itself.

As well as those fairly standard features, the tool-bar also holds some options that are exclusive to your website and the web. These include the ability to create links, add anchor tags and insert images and files such as PDFs or Word Documents.

All of which will be covered in further blog updates.

Preview of design for WordPress – The Text Editor Toolbar

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