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For anyone that came to this site expecting WebfactoryUK, as you can see. We have had a bit of a change. For those that care, let me explain!

Back in 2011 when I setup WebfactoryUK I actually wanted to call my company just Webfactory. No extra UK’s on the end.

Unfortunately the domain name www.webfactory.co.uk was being held by someone who wanted £3500 to release it.

As a new startup that wasn’t going to be an option so I made the decision to go with WebfactoryUK.

Fast forward 4 years to May 2015 where another web design company managed to get hold of the webfactory.co.uk domain name, changed their business name to Webfactory Ltd and began trading under that name with a very similar website to my own…

I contacted Companies House to dispute the new companies name and Companies House sided with me and WebfactoryUK Ltd. Webfactory Ltd would have to change their name.

This still left the domain name under the new companies control and after contact with the MD of the new Webfactory Ltd, they weren’t going to give it up. Even if I used Companies House and made them change name.

This is probably the point where I would normally insert some derogatory terms but I like to think I have taken the higher ground on this one.

There is a dispute process I could of taken with Nominet, the UKs domain registry but this is a long process and can cost £1000’s.

In the end I have withdrawn my complaint to Companies House and allowed Webfactory Ltd to continue.

They paid me a grand total of £350 for the privilege which as you can imagine, doesn’t come close to the cost of a full re-brand and the time its taking to let people know but with no other choice, it was better than nothing.

SO! New (possibly brave) plan.

Name change!


It hasn’t been the easiest thing to do, I had grown quite attached to WebfactoryUK in the end and my business has always been through the reputation I have built myself and around that brand name.

It has given me the chance to rethink things and to use what I have learnt over the past 4 years to improve my services even further. So please stick with me!


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