Web Design: Social Networks and Link Building

Social networks are a great way to get a start on the link building required for SEO

Any link going back to your site from someone else’s web page is seen as a kind of vote of confidence by search engines in favour of your website.

It is assumed that if there are a lot of links to your site throughout the internet that your page or website is of good quality and is worth seeing.

One of the best ways to do this and to save you some work is to use Social Networks. Not only are they great for getting your business or club out there to be recognised and seen by people, they are also a great way of spreading offers and if done right, the users of the site will do it for you using the share and re-tweet options provided.

This is almost invaluable as your audience can soon grow far larger than your group of friends and colleagues as people you don’t know share your stories, news or offers across the web.

So, what can you post? Anything! It doesn’t even have to be business related (although it probably helps) but try and find something interesting, a favourite internet comic or video, some local news.

The aim is to get people to follow your account and share your postings. They might not need a hair dresser, website or skin treatment now but by seeing you on their social networks, hopefully they will remember you when they do!

One of the key things to remember when posting to a social network is ALWAYS include a link back to your site.

Never write all your update on Facebook. The idea is to drive people to your site. Simply add an intro paragraph on your Social Networks and link to the main news on your website!

A good tip for Twitter users is to use a web address shortening service. Your limited to 140 characters per Tweet and you don’t want your web address taking up most of them.

To get round this you can use the link below, enter your sites address and it will generate a shorter version of your URL to use on the web.


Preview of design for Social Networks and Link Building

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