Web Design: Performing a full backup of your website and emails

This guide explains how you can login to your websites main control panel and download a full backup of all your files and emails.

To login to your CPanel where you will find all your hosting accounts settings and features (including the backup system) you simply need to add /cpanel to the end of your web address.


Alternatively you can login via 418’s link below


If you don’t have your main account username and password please email me by clicking here. Please note these details are different from your websites normal login.

Once you have successfully logged in, look for the Ark Backups option as shown below.

The Ark Backup system is the core system behind your automated website backups.


Clicking the Ark Backups option will take you to a new screen which lists all the available backup and restore points.


To download a backup, on the right, click the blue floppy disk icon.


A small window will pop up that allows you to customise your backup download. The default options are fine. Click Download.


Once the download is complete you have a full backup of your online account including website and all emails.

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