How I make websites.

My Web Design Ethos

In the 10 years I have been building websites I have learnt a lot. The main point I try and emphasise is I don’t just build websites. To be successful online you need more than just a website.

418Design will build you a site, but I will do all the other things needed to make sure it works for you too. This can include anything from helping you setup business email addresses, making sure you are correctly listed in Google and teaching you the skills needed to keep the site and your online presence up to date.

After the website is built I will show you what you need to do going forward. I also have a growing section on this website dedicated to guides explaining in detail the mechanics of your site and how it works.


The first thing I like to do is find out from you exactly what you expect from the website. Design isn’t just about aesthetics. The site has to work well for the purpose it was built. Ensuring visitors get the information they need quickly and easily. By finding out details about you I can also make suggestions and give you ideas you may not of thought about.

Making a detailed plan like this at the start can also help with the project further down the line as we can establish fairly early on what content and media will be needed to complete the site.

Once we have all the information I create a bespoke design to ensure your website isn’t like any others out there. I don’t shoe horn you into a template. I build the site around your ideas.

My Web Design Clients

I have gained a variety of loyal clients all over the world from the Middle East to the United States and Mainland Europe. Most of my clients are here in the UK though and range from corporate businesses and legendary british rock stars to smaller clubs and societies.

My business is built purely on reputation meaning any new business comes through you or other existing clients so I know how important it is to do a good job!

Website Support

Just as important as the build itself is the service you receive afterwards. Available more hours than I like to admit and ready to help wherever I can I will provide the same top quality service my clients have come to expect long after your site is built.

Hosting and Security

I use the UKs most secure data centre, an ex-MOD bunker outside London (it even has guard dogs!), SSD spec servers and I use a company called Krystal for support who are rated as one of the best hosts online.

The servers include automatic 24 hour backup systems meaning your data is always secure and should the worst ever happen, your site can be restored in minutes.

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