Web Design: 5 reasons you should find a new web developer

It always amazes me how many of my new clients come to me after bad service from their existing web developer or agency. From slow replies to extortionate pricing the reasons are almost endless.

As my first blog post in far too long, I thought I would list 5 reasons why you might want to start looking for a new web developer!

1. Bad Communication

Communication with your web designer is key. Business is hard enough without having to spend hours or days chasing work. 418 aim to reply to any queries well within 24 hours and can often turn around any new work in a similar time frame. There is no need to wait any longer without reason!

2. Lack of updates

The web is constantly changing and if you have WordPress then keeping the site up to date is incredibly important to ensure you remove the risk of being hacked. Your web designer should of spoken to you about the need to keep the site up to date at the very least. Even better they will ensure the site remains up to date for you although it would be fair to charge extra for this service..

3. Hasn’t spoken to you about Responsive Web Design

Responsive and mobile web design is here and has been now for a couple of years. Whilst the work is unlikely to be completed for free, your web developer should of spoken to you about making sure your site works on all the devices we use to browse the internet today.

4. Over-charging for simple work

We all need to get paid and maybe I don’t charge enough but I have heard of some ridiculous charges for simple work. If you think you are being overcharged, get a second opinion. I along with most other reputable design companies will be happy to answer any questions you have about your site and provide quotations for work.

5. Support after the site is live

Unless your product or business fills a niche or is particularly special, the chances are you will need more than just a website putting online. A good web developer will ensure you know how to use your website to its full potential and take it forward to ensure it ranks in Google and is an asset to your business.


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